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The Principal Who "Wrecked" My House

The school's Principal called Mrs. Kennedy to give her the bad news. "This is stinky to have to tell you, but we're hiring someone else."

My wife had recently applied for a 2nd-grade teaching job in our boys' elementary school after taking a 10-year hiatus to raise them. The job seemed particularly exciting because our youngest is about to enter the 2nd grade, and he would have probably enjoyed seeing his Mom every day while she worked.

Mrs. Kennedy had waited nearly a week to receive the news, and we could feel the anticipation building in our household. "You're gonna get it," I kept repeating. This is the kind of thing one says, even if they don't necessarily believe it. After all, I am a money coach, and there's nothing worse than a coach who doesn't believe in people. (Imagine being on your way to the UFC octagon and your coach saying something like, "I'm not so sure about this.") In this case, though, I WAS pretty optimistic that my wife would get the job because one of her acquaintances overheard that her interview was the best the panel had ever experienced.

After hearing the bad news, our household felt the rejection for days, and my wife started to have questions about her self-worth. When one is looking for a job, it feels like an eternity until it's secured. And when one finally finds a position, it's easy to forget the feelings of scarcity that came during the job hunt. I've had the same day job for fourt

een years, and the precise hoops I jumped through are now merely a distant memory. If I suddenly lost it, though, I would likely have all the same feelings of inadequacy experienced by anyone looking for work.

A few days after receiving the rejection call, my wife's part-time employer asked her if she would be available for full-time work starting in the fall. Her current job is exceptionally flexible because it's 100% online, and she can complete the tasks almost any time during the week. Within the same week, our family felt scarcity and abundance, and it all centered around the same topic-my wife's job hunt.

While thinking and writing about this topic, I've noticed how choosing to focus on abundance has a profound impact on my ability to be happy. Rather than being discontent over the fact that I still have a mortgage, I can focus on the progress I'm making in my path toward financial freedom. Instead of being upset that my career isn't exactly where I want it to be, I can appreciate that I have a newsletter that people want to read. Rather than worry about what the Fed will do with interest rates, I can enjoy the control I have by following a budget, savings, and investing plan.

It's money topics like these that I'm discussing with the good folks who have decided to take me on my FREE consultations. If you think that I could be the right money coach for you, then let's explore that in one of my available sessions. If it's not suitable for you, then be on the lookout for The Phil Kennedy Show. Things are starting to come together.

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